Autumn in the Garden

While the last of the summer fruit is ripening it’s time to start planting for the cooler and wetter months ahead………..this is the time we really love, when we don’t have to be worrying about water and the plants are growing in a less stressful environment.

Giving the winter greens and brasicas a head start  so they can get up and away with the warm weather is what we are focusing on now. While we can’t do a huge amount of planting till the rain starts we have set aside some irrigated beds for this purpose. Planting a little at a time so it doesn’t all ripen at once is a good idea.

I’ll try and get into the habit of doing a small and regular blog about what we are doing in the garden so if you are new to veggie gardening  you can follow and plant with us, if you feel you need a bit more hands on and interactive learning come along to our new Monday “beginners in the garden classes” . see more


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