Festival Of Forgotten Skills

Sunday November 30th 2014

_MG_7193Why was the Festival of Forgotten Skills so loved by everyone? I know for me there has always been a yearning for a time when the pace of things was a little slower, when we knew where things were made and who made them, when our possessions were maintained and when we needed each other as a community to survive on a day to day basis because one of us baked the bread while another churned the butter.

It may all sound a bit romantic and I’m sure life wasn’t perfect but there is something vital about real, meaningful life skills and how they are linked to a sense of community that is important to any culture. Learning and sharing skills is one of the many small ways we can appreciate each other and those that passed them onto us.

At our first festival we enjoyed everything from cheese making to ukelele making (see here for the last program), this year promises to have another fantastic range of traditional skills to be shared.

What traditional (not quite forgotten) skills have it is that you’ve got to share? This could be anything from crocheting to blacksmithing, it may be practised in the kitchen, the shed, the garden or the paddock . 

This is a special community day and we encourage anyone to share their skills.

To find out more about how you can participate please fill in the form below and I will receive it as an email and get back to you.



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