The Best Hot Shower Ever (from the compost heap!)

There’s nothing quite as good as having a shower knowing your hot water is free from the sun and that every bit of it is heading down to thirsty trees once its been used. Well that just got even better!

Our solar shower now has a new companion, the compost heap! We installed 100 meters of poly pipe inside a heap of freshly chipped plant material and waited for the pile to start cooking (about 24 hours) that was over a week ago now and the water has continued to be hot………….just hot enough that you want to add a touch of cold. It’s cooking away day and night and the whole lot reheats in about 10minutes. I haven’t yet has a shower that has run out if hot water, even taking the extra time to do a hair wash.

Oh beautiful compost…………….all that before it starts doing its job in the garden.


Thanks to our wonderful wwoofer Pete who built the outdoor shower and set up the

solar hot water (coiled on the roof). To see Pete’s vid on the solar showe click here

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